Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel

aloe vera hydrating gelOur famous Aloe Vera gel is rich in Aloe Vera and a favourite with our customers. It applies like silk and is easily absorbed by the skin, packed for the skin calming, regenerating and restoring effects of Aloe Vera.

A natural toner, Aloe Vera Gel is ideal as an alternative to moisturiser, protecting and restoring the skin. We pack more Aloe Vera in our gel bases than the so called “big brands” with their fancy claims.

Our Aloe Base is often used alone, however the addition of essential oils can turn this base into the sophisticated medium to tackle a wide variety of skin ailments.

Natural Aloe Vera is thickened to make it usable and enhance the natural properties of Aloe Vera, helping to cool the skin and tighten and refine the skins appearance, providing soothing relief.

Product Tips
Sunburn Gel:
Combine with essential oils such as Lavender to make a perfect natural remedy to sunburn and burns

Pulse Point Remedies:
Combine with essential oil blends to produce pulse point remedies.

Body Wrap Clay:
Combine with our selection of Clays (Kaolin and Green Clay for example) at 70% Aloe Vera Gel with 30% Clay to produce a Spa Quality body Wraps.

Apply to the skin and cover with muslin for 15 – 30 minutes allowing the gel to soothe the skin whilst the clays detoxify.

Skin Suitability
Effective for use on all skin types and a holiday essential on sunburned or damaged skin. Perfect for daily skin use and can be used on the face or body.

Application Directions
Apply directly to the skin by smoothing a pea sized amount across the skins surface. The gel will naturally absorb within a few minutes.

Directions for Blending
Use neat on all areas of the skin, helps soothe ad tone the skin. You can combine the Gel with more essential oils to make your own unique blends.

The Aloe Gel is capable of absorbing 0 – 4% of essential oils and a very small amount of carrier oils. Under EU guidelines, you sho

uld not however use in excess of 1% essential oil, although many aromatherapy books and teachers will advise more.

The Aloe Gel is clear to slight green tinge and can be combined with colours and fragrances also (although this is not something we do at Naturallythinking).

Certain oils and Fragrances can cause the gel to become slightly cloudy when mixing. In most cases this will settle and re-clear after approximately 24 hours.

Please experiment to find a combination that works for you. If you add a little too much essential oil, slowing adding small amounts of Polysorbate 20 to the blend can help bring the gel clear again.

Origin : Croydon, England

PH Range of Product : 5-6 (See COA for Batch)

Shelf Life : 36 Months

Shelf life will depend upon the ingredients you add. Adding oils which quickly go rancid can reduce the life expectancy of the product, whereas adding oils with natural long life can extend the product life further by enhancing the natural preservative system.


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