Organic Avocado Oil Profile

avocado OilBotanical Name- Persea Americana
Origin- Kenya
Extraction- Cold Pressed/Unrefined
Shelf life- 2 years recommended
Kosher Certified- No
Notes- This particular variety of Avocado oil has a relatively high viscosity and is a marketed as high-oleic. Because of the relatively unstable nature of this oil it is recommended that you use the material as soon as you receive it, and store away from heat and light. Refrigeration is recommended but not required.
The Avocado oil offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is unrefined and is very dark in color and is suitable for food and cosmetic use.

Color- Dark Green
Odor- Characteristic
Free Fatty Acids- 0.85
Peroxide Value- 2.8
Non-Saponifiables- 0.69
Saponification Value- 198.5
Iodine Value- 82.11
Specific Gravity- 0.913
Chlorophyll- 18 ppm
pH- 4.22

Fatty Acids
Linoleic- 9.8%
Linolenic- 0.7%
Oleic- 63.0%
Palmitic- 15.8%
Palmitoleic- 4.7%


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