White Cosmetic Clay

white cosmetic clayOrigin : USA

Extraction : 100% naturally occurring quarry mined and water washed

Shelf Life : Indefinite (4-5 years recommended)

Other Common Names : White Cosmetic Clay, China Clay, Ceramic Clay and Kaolin Clay

Notes : The line of White Cosmetic Clay offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is quarry mined from naturally occurring deposits and is untreated. The Cosmetic clay offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is for external use only.



Color- Greyish white
Odor- Flat
Mesh Size- US #100
Moisture- 1-2%
pH – 6.0
Bulk Density (lb/cu.ft) – 25.3

Typical Mineral Content

Total Kaolinite- 97%
Silicon Oxide- 46%
Aluminum Oxide- 37%
Iron Oxide- 0.79%
Titanium Oxide- 0.37%


White Kaolin Clay is found in virtually all powdered and dry cosmetics and most wet cosmetics. Its natural adsorbent properties makes it essential in hygiene products and is often found in soaps, scrubs, poultices, deodorants, facial powders and masks. It is the mildest of all clays and is suitable to add to products created for people with sensitive skin. It helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. It does not draw oils from the skin, so it can also be used on dry skin types without negative results. is also used in paper making, paint, fiberglass, porcelains and ceramics, china, and toothpaste. Some of the most popular products made with Kaolin Clay are Kaopectate, Rolaids, Di-gel, Mylanta, and Maalox.

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